About Us

Launched in 2014, Profusion FX has evolved over the years and continues to  do so, but one thing that has remained constant is its Traders. Applying a blended fundamental approach to the foreign exchange market, this absolute return portfolio is strictly data driven, with the constant aim of eliminating all subjectivity and emotion.

The portfolio manager oversees the daily running of the fund, directing the money and risk management side of the portfolio and steering the fund’s general direction as Principal. In addition, the PAMM Manager leads all the research and development the fund undertakes in its constant quest to refine the process and squeeze ever more profit per unit of risk out of the markets. The PAMM Manager heads up the analytical side of the fund, looking at ways in which the Profusion FX can exploit the market for minimum risk. The Profusion FX Team spend a lot of time working on refining the fund’s processes, to ensure that its edge remains sharp and profitable, no matter the market conditions.

We have a strong understanding of risk management and capital allocation.

We know the fund will evolve over time, as markets are not static, and we spend much time testing new models and hypotheses to ensure the fund is ahead of the curve and is in the best possible position to maximise growth.

The analysts work to implement their theory in practice, blending their fundamental research into technical price entry to generate the positions the fund takes.

London's Fastest Growing Forex Investment Fund