Forex Academy

The Profusion FX Forex Academy course is designed to have a minimum commitment level from you – so you can study and learn the financial markets in your own time, around your current life and work commitments.

Our course is a FREE online syllabus, consisting of our video library on our trader’s lounge, Two live webinars per week, hosted in the evening around 7-8pm UK Time. All sessions are recorded and hosted on our website, so clients can watch them back in their own time if they miss the live version, or if they want to go over the content again at their own pace.

The course starts at the basics, and slowly progresses for the first few weeks, before moving on to intermediate modules, then covering the advanced areas of the industry.


Access to our membership WhatsApp group where you will receive ongoing
support & mentorship, from the professional traders at Profusion FX. Even after the course has been completed.

Inception Days

The Inception days will be the most valuable part of the program as you will
spend time with the Profusion FX Team and we will go through a
personal trading plan with yourselves and construct a timeline for each
individual, so we can monitor your trading journey progress, and gives you goals/targets to stay on track.


A friendly, driven group of students and mentors with an active chatroom. You will only leave our Profusion FX groups when you decide. We encourage all our clients to remain a part of our community.

Important Factors

✔ In-Depth Course Taught by an Expert In the Forex Industry
✔ Monthly Student Days in Central London with 1-on-1 Opportunities
✔ Full Support from Both PAMM Manager & Head Analyst
✔ Access To Our Private Student Community Group
✔ Weekly Live Webinars Covering Strategy and Psychology
✔ Tuition, Mentorship, and Guidance as Needed
✔ 12 Months use of our Trade Alerts app

Why Learn With Profusion FX?

Our mentors have more than a decade of experience trading Forex and we’ve made gains of over 400% since the companies’ inception.

This isn’t one of those courses where you sign up and you are just directed to online learning material.

We’re proud to say that if you had invested £100,000 with us in 2015, based on 5% growth per month you would be a MILLIONAIRE today!

Getting Started

What do you need to do to qualify for free education?

  • Open and fund a live trading account with our affiliated FCA regulated broker, ETX Capital, based in the UK.
  • Deposit a minimum of $500, around 400 GBP, depending on the exchange rate. This effectively sponsors your education.

Throughout the course, you will be taught strict risk management so any trade we risk will be between 1-3% meaning between $5-$15 per trade, therefore, you will not eradicate your account.

By following our strategies and learning the financial markets your account will grow slowly throughout the course, earning whilst you learn with Profusion FX.

  • Your money stays in your account and only you have access to it
  • There are no tie-ins and no fees to withdraw your money
  • When you do withdraw, the funds will go back into the account or card you used to deposit the account

Receive Our Course For Free

Open up a trading account with our recommended broker ETX Capital (FCA Regulated, London Based) by clicking the button below and deposit a minimum of $500, you will receive our course free of charge.

Please contact: 07943 679509 for Direct Assistance

Once you are completed you will receive an email from ETX confirming your account, and you will receive your MT4 login details for your live trading account. Keep these safe and don’t disclose them to anyone.

You will then need to log in via ETX website and deposit your funds (minimum $500)

We will receive an email notifying us of our new applicant and we will add you to the WhatsApp mentorship group.

Keep Your Current Broker

If you already have an ETX Capital account or wish to stay with your current broker, you can purchase our course below and receive the full syllabus, support from our fund manager and head analyst, plus much more

This is just a brief overview of our very extensive program.
If you would like more information, use the form below to contact us