PAMM Investment

What Is PAMM?

PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is an innovative trading platform offered by ProfusionFX, offering clients the opportunity to follow the trades of professional or ‘master’ traders. All accounts share a portion of each trade, based on their own account’s equity. PAMM is a partnership where you bring the capital to be invested and the money manager brings their time and expertise to manage that investment for you. Just open a PAMM investment account, transfer the investment amount you’d like to start with, and let an experienced trader do the investing work for you.

It is a technical solution that helps to automatize profit/loss distribution, eliminate human error and allows Money Managers to manage multiple Investors accounts via one centralized MT4 interface. Up until now Money Managers were forced to trade with multiple copies of Meta Trader 4 which limited the number of clients they could service, decreased the effectiveness of their trading and their profit. With the PAMM service from ProfusionFX, the manager can organize all of their clients together in one Meta Trader 4 terminal and an unlimited number of Investors can join under one master account.

Funds from all Investors on the manager account are traded as one unit and this means more room for money management and better position management options. The PAMM service keeps your account individual and gains and losses are automatically distributed by the broker between the PAMM Manager and you, the investor, on a percentage basis so that everyone receives their percentage rate of return.

Benefits of PAMM

The investor opens and funds an MT4 account with FX Primus, then via a PAMM follower account, you attach to Profusion FX’s PAMM master account. So when we place a trade, it is automatically duplicated onto your MT4 trading account in real time, keeping your funds segregated and totally under your control. We have no access to your funds for the investor’s peace of mind.


Full support and set up instructions are available and the process is very simple and straight forward.

  • No need to sit in front of a terminal all of the time to decide entry & exit
  • No fear of losing trades
  • No missing Signals
  • No missing Entries & Exits
  • No need to study/ analyse charts
  • Learn while you earn
  • No need to spend time trading
  • Profusion FX handles the trade inside the PAMM master account


The company will do the :

  • Risk Management
  • Capital Management
  • Profit Management
  • Reinvestment strategies

PAMM Introduction

Globally Regulated

High Water Mark

The Investor can add funds in already existing portfolios and benefit from manager’s strategy and Profusion FX risk management. The Profusion FX PAMM doesn’t have any fixed costs, the investor pays commissions only on the profitable performance of the Manager. This is the best way to guarantee our Investors with the most suitable conditions.

The commission is a percentage of the profit generated each month and the performance is calculated using the High Water Mark system. A high-water mark is the highest peak in value that an investment fund or account has reached. This term is used in the context of fund manager compensation, which is performance-based. The high-water mark ensures the manager does not get paid large sums for poor performance.


Our PAMM system manages all investments and transfers between investors and traders. This system guarantees that you will receive your profit share and gives you transparency over all activities.

Cooperation With a PAMM Trader
PAMM traders are highly motivated to manage your investment successfully, as when you win, they win too. By cooperating with your chosen trader you enter into an agreement according to the terms, which are stated in each PAMM trader’s offer to investors.

If You had Invested £100,000 With Profusion FX In 2015, Based On 5% A Month Since Inception Of The Fund, You Would Be A Millionaire Today.

Important Information

With PAMM accounts, you, the Investor (not the Manager) has the power to deposit and withdraw funds, so the scenario when a dishonest Money Manager runs away with the money or fails to pay the profit is completely impossible. You may withdraw all funds or part of the funds or top up your balance whenever you want, and the settlement (the distribution of profits, losses and Manager’s fees) are carried out by the broker automatically.

FXPrimus is fully regulated and registered in over 20 different jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom and Germany. In addition to this, they have partnered with the Boudica Client Trust to introduce third party monitoring of client withdrawals. This ensures that withdrawal requests are executed as quickly and efficiently as possible. And as if that wasn’t enough, every client
account invested in Profusion FX with FXPrimus is insured with up to €2.5 million or currency equivalent with Lloyd’s of London, in case the worst was to happen. For more information, please visit their site at www.fxprimus.com for more information.

Profusion FX has employed the services of various brokers over the years, and to date, FXPrimus not only offers the best trading conditions but also client servicing and protection, which are important to both us and our investors.

Are you interested in trading but not confident enough to make your own trading decisions?

Would you like to see the trades of Master traders?

You don’t have time to trade yourself?

If so, PAMM is the platform for you.


To Proceed and Open Up A PAMM Account, Please Click Here

Broker :

Primus Global Ltd (FXPrimus)

Primary Regulatory License :

CySEC 261/14

Secondary Registrations :

FCA – United Kingdom

BaFin – Germany

CNMV – Spain

HFSA – Hungary

CONSOB – Italy

FSA – Norway

KNF – Poland

CSSF – Luxembourg

MiFID Compliant

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